Rand Snell Instrumental Compositions

The Afterparty | For For Violin, Cello, Piano, Bassoon, Flute
Sarah Shellman, violin; Fred Gratta, cello; Brent Douglas, piano; Mark Sforzini, bassoon; Fausto Miro, flute | The Afterparty moves from a late-night opening of sleepy jazz piano chords through bursts of energy and reflection, finally reaching fever pitch before ending quietly as the party after, and the night itself, are exhausted. An angular melodic line plays out in various guises and also serves as a "cantus firmus" or bass line on which the jazz harmonies are built. A second, rhythmic theme insistently makes its way into the mix, and the listener can easily follow the back and forth between these two elements.

That back and forth is a conversation; sometimes the instruments play and respond, sometimes they agree and sometimes they disagree, sometimes one runs off on a tangent. But there is a core theme around which the conversation evolves.

You hear the melodic motive in its pure form after the piano introduction, when the bassoon enters. After the other wind instruments pick up the conversation, the piano enters again with the rhythmic motive, which sets up the dialogue.

The jazz harmonies, which form an introduction, become dominant in the middle part of the piece and at the end bring closure to the conversation.