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It was early Friday night, April 12, the Grand Opening of Sixstar Art Studios in St. Petersburg. I was enjoying talking with the interesting and knowledgable people coming through my new studio/gallery space. Then I heard a cheerful voice say, “I’d like to buy this one!” and I knew for sure I was in the right place.

Over the next week I sold six pieces and accepted one commission to create a new piece.

My dear friend Ann Potter purchased Man and Boy at Sunset Beach; see the picture of us together after her purchase.

Ann Potter and Rand with her purchase, Man and Boy at Sunset Beach

Life is funny. I once expected to be composing music now, but since the summer of 2019 it has been all art. It’s art I make with photo collage and abstract lines, a continuing (so far) flow of ideas that evolve into the unexpected, and the unexpected sometimes into magic, at least for me.

It’s fun. And often scary. But it feels like this is what I should be doing now, and where I should be doing it.

I think creative people have to do what they do. It comes from within. There is something that needs to be said, or perhaps a connection with something beyond that channels through the artist, writer, musician, actor, and potentially every human being. Skills and technique open possibilities, but creative people strive for something that goes beyond ability and craft.

But recognition is also nice. Many years ago, I used to get a rush hearing my music performed live, especially its first live public performance.

Opening week at Sixstar was like that. Maybe one day I’ll combine music and art, and words, too, for a special type of performance event. But right now art is what’s happening.

Thank you to the many friends, artists, collectors, gallery owners and art patrons who have come by.  Special thanks to the wonderful artists at Sixstar and especially to Jason Hackingwerth for including me in his merry band. And a HUGE thank you to those who have purchased my work!

I’m a lucky guy. And a grateful one.

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New Abstract Art

I was curious to see if I could use thread to make very thin lines in my collages, and guess what? I can.

Projections uses thread and tape to create a multi-dimensional space. I applied acrylic medium to hold everything in place, a process that went through several layers to achieve the final result. I sealed the piece with acrylic varnish.

The name is intentional: to a certain extent I think everyone tends to project their own history and cognitive distortions into their dealings with others. I’ve spent quite a bit of time and effort learning about mine, but I know I will never be free of them entirely. The best I can do is to be as aware as I can, in real time. And when I misunderstand, and act inappropriately, to admit that and clean things up as soon as I can.

Projections, 20in x 22in collage on paper, 2024

And I try also to be compassionate with others, knowing that everyone I interact with has their own history and distortions, through which they perceive whatever I do and say.

We are social mammals, we need each other to live healthy and satisfied lives. Connection always beats isolation, but communication is key, and compassion for self and others essential.

I hope you find this a cool piece, with or without the psychoanalytic perspective.

Better in Red?

I typically frame pieces, as collage on paper is fragile. I have been using black frames, and occasionally blue or silver.

But recently my friend (and wonderful artist!) Tommy Bayot suggested using red for some pieces; here is a look at It’s the Journey with a red lacquer frame. I think it works! What do you think?

It’s the Journey framed in red.

Owen Donaldson and Noble O’Connor visit the studio

Seeing Art in Person

All my work is on my website, but like all art it is best seen in person. If you would like to come by the studio and look at completed work, or see a bit more of how I make these pieces, please let me know. I would be happy to make time. Showings are by appointment, except for special shows and regular Second Saturday Art Walks.

Sixstar Art Studios Sixstar Art Studios
2430 Terminal Dr S Unit B
St. Petersburg, FL 33712